Blue Wind

To Earl


After dark night, after six years

Blue wind appeared behind the hills

It brought me a warm lovely spring

and softly dried all my tears


You walked to me with a beautiful smile

Faraway places were shining from your eye

You stood bashfully in front of me

The world was peaceful, the land was free


I danced with you, safe in your arms

You touched my cheek softly – just once

With or without words, we knew our feelings

But you smiled again and walked down the hills


I stayed, watching you marched slowly

My heart was beating in rhythm to your moves

The blue wind disappeared, I was lonely

With or without words, I fell in love with you


The sweet perfume of freedom stayed with me

Thank you for your gift, I’m not happy but I’m free

A tear rolled down the side of my cheek

        it was the last tear of this war


Bye my soldier, remember me

I remember you as I still stay here.