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Jana Poncarova is a Czech novelist and journalist. Her first novel “Podbrdske zeny” was published in 2018 and captured reader’s hearts. Her second novel “Eugenie” was published in 2019 and the book won the Czech Book Reader’s Award in 2020.

Jana is also the author of the novels “Alžběta a Nina” (2020), “Cyklistka” (2021) and “Herečka” (2022). The novels are based on true events and the author spent months researching and interviewing witnesses.

In 2020 Jana published her first literary document “Girls of the First Czechoslovak Republic”. She cooperated with photographer Dita Pepe. The publication brings together eight stories of women born in the 1920s.

3 favorite things to do

  • Write (no matter what)
  • Travel (to the northwest of America)
  • Hike (in the forests)

3 favorite cafés to go

  • Café Louvre, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Better Living Through Coffee, Port Townsend, Washington State, USA
  • Little Sister Coffee Maker, Winnipeg, Canada

3 favorite bookshops to visit

  • Imprint Bookstore, Port Townsend, Washington State, USA
  • Knihkupectví Milada Holá, Rokycany, Czech Republic
  • Livraria and Café, Guimarães, Portugal

Photo Jaroslav Fikota